Police Offer to Buy ‘Needy’ Child Shoes After Mom Is Caught on Video Using Her to Steal

Police in Barbousville, West Virginia are on the search for a mother after she was caught on security footage using her child to help steal.

In the footage that police posted to Facebook, the mother appears to be inside a Nike shoe store.

It shows her daughter sitting inside a shopping cart with a jacket covering her legs. The mom then hands the child a pair of shoes that the child hides under her coat.

Barboursville Police Department wrote:

Watch closely as this lady uses her little girl to steal a pair of shoes by concealing them under the child’s jacket.

The department said they would be willing to help a child in need, but that the parent shouldn’t have made her steal:

We will gladly buy the child some shoes if she is needy, but first we would like to talk to the adult about contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Does anyone recognize her?

Police also posted a second video, which gave a clearer view of the mom’s face as she exited the store.

The security footage prompted mixed reactions from social media users. Some Facebook commenters had sympathy for the mom. One wrote:

People are so quickly to judge we don’t know her story! Pray for her. Hope she comes forward and knows she done wrong. Pray that she turns around and teaches her child to give and not take.

Others thought the mom should be held responsible for her crimes. They said:

There’s no excuse for stealing no matter what the reason. This is why kids are like they are today. They think it’s alright to steal. Teach them better hope they catch this thief.

Regardless of public opinion, police are on the search for the mom. Anyone with information should contact Barboursville Police Department at (304) 736-5203.