A new video released recently reveals the havoc that evolved on the night Breonna got murdered by the cops following a botched raid and how Breonna’s boyfriend cried to the officer over his girlfriend’s death.

“There’s somebody in there dead?” Detective Brett Hankison of Louisville Metro Police Department shouted at Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker who knelt before the police outside of the EMT’s home wailing, according to WORB, which obtained the footage.

“Yeah, my girlfriend”, Walker responded sobbing. “It was her house”

The footage exposes the time after Taylor’s murder in the wee hours of March 13. It shows the moment Walker called for the police as 26-year-old Taylor bled to death right in the hallway of her home after being shot by the cops six times.

The video also shows Walker to the police that Taylor, an EMT, was the one shooting at them. The footage was given to Daniel Cameron, Kentucky Attorney General, by the LMPD.

“Did she shoot or you shoot?” Hankison questions Walker in the video.

“It was her. She was scared,” Walker responded.

Walker later altered the statement and confessed it was him who had shot the cops, a source reported. He however blamed Taylor because he was afraid, according to the Courier Journal.

The gunshot from the boyfriend had hit Sgt. John Mattingly in the leg and the video shows the cops doing all they could to sustain the officer who laid on the ground outside of Taylor’s home.

The video captured Walker barefoot walking backwards with his hand over his head as Hankison threatens to sic a K9 on him if he doesn’t co-operate.

“Walk straight back or I’ll send this dog on you!” Hankison barks. “You are going to f***ng prison.”

“What did I do?” Walker demands.

The video shows Walker explaining to the cop what happened and how his girlfriend had died.

Hankison was later sacked from the LMPD; he was the only officer charged in connection with Taylor’s death – but not for killing her. The former police officer was charged with three counts of wanton endangerment for shooting blindly into a neighbor’s home.

Although Cameron defended his refusal to press charges against the other officers involved, an outlet reported that the officers could still face charged, depending on the outcome of an FBI investigation.