Police Caught The Woman Who Pushed An Elderly Man Into Traffic For Holding A Trump Sign

A Massachusetts millennial has been arrested on charges of assault after she pushed a Trump supporter into oncoming traffic. The Trump supporter, 73-year-old George Griffin, and his wife were picketing for the president’s reelection and was allegedly attacked in the Massachusetts town of Douglas on Saturday. Now, 34-year-old Kiara Dudley has been arrested for forcing the senior citizen to the ground near speeding traffic because the old woman was voicing her support of President Trump.

Griffin served in the United States Navy during the Vietnam War. He and his wife, Joann, love President Trump and want him to serve a second term in office. Because Griffin was holding a “Veterans for Trump” sign, Dudley approached the couple with a small group. This small group supposedly “began to berate (the elderly couple) with insults and demanded that they leave” the public space.

Dudley and her group followed Griffin as they scared them out of the area. That’s when she supposedly “bumped” into the veteran with her body. Simultaneously, another member of the liberal crowd stomped on the Trump sign.

Griffin put his life on the line for Trump by bending over to grab the political sign from the dirt. That’s when Dudley “knocked Griffin to the ground,” leaving the tough Vietnam veteran with minor injuries and scratches.

The push knocked Griffin into a traffic intersection. He claimed that he was lucky that a car did not run over him.

Onlookers watched the veteran fighting with Dudley’s group and called 911.

Dudley was charged with assault and battery on an elderly person causing injury. Even in the liberal state of Massachusetts, attacks on Trump supporters will not be tolerated. However, Dudley was released from jail after posting $250 cash bail.

Griffin has elaborated on his story as more and more media outlets reach out to speak to him.

“She grabbed my arm and bowled me over into the middle of the street,” Griffin told WCVB on Monday.

However, this is a “he said, she said” situation. Dudley and her group tell a completely different story than Griffin and his wife. According to Dudley, the veteran attacked her because she did not join him in support of President Trump.

“I was attacked by George Griffin. He came at me, tried to steal my sign. He broke my necklace. He tried to trip me, and then he told the police that I did it to him. He lied,” Dudley told WCVB.

Dudley wore a Bernie Sanders sticker at the time of her arrest and supported the Black Lives Matter movement as per her Facebook account.

Meanwhile, Griffin and his wife are “praying” for Dudley. Although he claims he was attacked, he also claimed that he had not lost interest in campaigning for Trump.

“I’m not a hero. I’m not anything,” he told The Boston Herald. “I’m just a guy who’s out here holding a sign and just wanting to show support for my candidate.”

Who do you think is telling the truth about the attack in Douglas, Massachusetts?