Police Caught The Teen Girl Who Broke Into A Petting Zoo To Abuse The Animals

by San Eli News

Since the coronavirus pandemic has forced people inside their homes, it is no shock that teens and children have been struggling to cope with the change. Because youngsters enjoy the company of their peers (often building their entire identity on what other people have to say about them), it goes without saying that they’re getting into more trouble than ever before. But one entitled New Jersey teenager took things way too far after breaking into a petting zoo and abusing the animals in the middle of the night.

The leader of the pack was a 17-year-old blonde New Jersey girl. She hopped on the back of a miniature donkey and posed for photos in the act of insolent abuse. The teen led a group of about six other bored New Jersey teenagers, breaking into Abma’s Farm in Wyckoff, New Jersey late at night.

On Saturday evening at 10:30 pm, the owner of the farm received a message with the photo of the animal abuser riding the miniature donkey. Since Jimmy Abma lived on the farm, he wasted no time dashing over to the barn to chase the kids off the farm. The ran away as fast as they could once they realized they were caught.

The blonde teenager, who wore a crop top and ravaged low-cut blue jeans that showed her glistening bellybutton ring, held a nonchalant posture while riding the terrified donkey. In the background, another New Jersey teenager – a male – is photographed preparing to abuse another animal a few feet away from his foot.

Abma knew that his animals were in danger as soon as he saw the offensive image of the blonde teenager. The animals are far too small to hold a full-grown female on their backs. He rushed over just in time to stop the group of good-for-nothing teenagers from abusing more animals at his farm.

“Obviously, we’re closed, so that raised a concern to me right off the bat, that there’s people trespassing, the animals are somewhat in danger, and I just need to figure out what’s going on,” Abma told WCBS-TV.

Because he acted immediately, Abma caught the group of teenagers abusing his animals. He chased away at least a half dozen of them. They were wrecking his property, which included the petting zoo as well as a farm and supermarket. He caught two teens trying to steal his products.

As Abma checked his animals for injuries, he noticed that they were traumatized. The animals were scared and skittish and entirely unlike themselves. What had those teenagers done to the donkeys under the veil of darkness?

One pony was marked up with lipstick all over its face.

“Couple of the animals you couldn’t even get close to,” Abma said. “They were all skittish. They were all jumping around. We did a full count on the animals, and we’re still trying to account for all of them, so it’s just a frustrating thing. These animals they have the ability to kick and rear up, and they have the ability to bite you.”

The farmer did not realize that teenagers in the area were so ignorant.

Wyckoff police officers knew the kids involved and have declined to comment.