Police Are Looking For The Thug Who Pushed An Elderly Woman In Front Of The Subway

When an elderly woman and her husband confronted a drug user in the New York City subway, he retaliated by pushing her in front of a moving train. Now, the 73-year-old grandmother is struggling to recover in her hospital after the marijuana-smoking man attacked her and her husband. The bully pushed the 73-year-old grandmother in front of the speeding train that was pulling into the underground subway platform in Brooklyn.

Not only did the man’s attack cause the old woman to suffer head injuries, but he also assaulted her 82-year-old husband, too. He punched the man in the face and also attacked their 30-year-old grandson.

The man lashed out at the elderly couple and their adult grandson when he was confronted for smoking marijuana in public. He pushed her onto the tracks in front of a moving train and was filmed fleeing the scene of the attempted murder without wearing a mask – making it even easier for police to look to identify him.

Thankfully, the NYC subway conductor saw the woman fall into the tracks. The professional was able to stop the subway in time before driving over the woman. She was pulled off the tracks but had sustained severe injuries to her head.

The attack occurred on the Manhattan-bound track of the C train at the Clinton Washington station. The man assaulted the woman and her family at 1:30 pm. The grandson was the one to argue with the pot-smoker about his bad habit.

The assailant attacked the grandson, punching him in the face. The grandfather then came to his grandson’s defense but was also brutally attacked by the much-younger drug abuser. The grandmother tried to break up the fight and then became the next victim in the attack. The man pushed her onto the train track in front of the speeding train because he wanted to hurt her. Whether or not he tried to kill her will be up to the New York City prosecutors to determine when charges are filed against the man, and he is arrested.

The severely injured elderly woman was rushed to the New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital. She is currently listed in stable condition, although she still requires care from doctors at the hospital.

Meanwhile, the grandfather and grandson received treatment at the scene of the assault. They were bruised and bloodied from the violent outburst from the drug user. They were also taken to the hospital. The old man suffered a laceration to his head while the grandson was hospitalized for a head injury.

The pot smoker was estimated to be an overweight male, about twenty-five to thirty-years-old. His height is estimated at 5 foot 7 inches, and his weight was estimated at 200 to 210 pounds. The attacker had a light complexion, black hair, and wore some facial hair. He also left the scene of the crime wearing a red and black hat and gray pants along with a sweatshirt. He wore a black backpack and grimy white sneakers.

What do you think about this senseless attack in the Brooklyn subway station?