Pastor Is Angry With Teens Who Killed Wife During Carjacking, Until He Realizes She Would Forgive Them

After Louisiana mom Jeannot Franco Plessy returned from a date night with her husband, Pastor David Plessy, on November 27, she went to pick up her children.

Her eldest daughter, Nadia Sanchez, was watching the kids.

Jeannot made her way to her daughter’s home and pulled into the driveway. That’s when she was attacked by a group of carjackers, according to WDSU.

At least three teens yanked the mother out of her car and threw her onto the ground.

Jeannot’s son-in-law ran out and tried to stop them, but the carjackers quickly moved the car into reverse, People reports.

They ran over the helpless mother with her own car in the process. She later passed away from her injuries in the hospital.

Sanchez said she’s horrified by the carjackers’ actions. She told WDSU:

“The person who did this, yes I am angry with. Because I had to see my mom mangled at the end of my driveway, as someone fled away carelessly. That makes me angry.”

Three teens have been arrested for the carjacking. Jontrell Robinson, 17, was arrested and charged with second-degree murder and carjacking.

Edwin Cottrell, 18, and an unnamed juvenile were arrested and charged with principal to second-degree murder and principal to carjacking.

Orleans Parish Sheriffs Office

Though the teens are allegedly responsible for Jeannot’s death, her husband said that she would have forgiven them. The pastor said:

“One inclination would be to scream out for justice and scream out of anger, and perhaps that’s a stage of my grief that’s in front of me. But I know my wife has never failed to forgive anyone who has hurt her.”

He also told WDSU:

“If that young man were in front of my wife, my wife would give him a hug and tell him that Jesus loves him.”

Jeannot had recently returned from an evangelical trip to Samoa, where she went to raise awareness about domestic violence.

Her husband said she “lived out her life selflessly.”

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