Parents Eating Their Kids’ Halloween Candy Are Hospitalized After It Tests Positive For Meth

Ahead of Halloween, police in Georgia warned parents that methamphetamine pills shaped to look like harmless candy could pose a serious risk to children.

As Dearly reported, Dublin Police Department advised parents to double-check their kids’ candy to make sure there were no potentially dangerous sweets.

However, it was parents in Oregon that were affected by tainted treats this week.

According to a media release by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, parents in Aloha were hospitalized after eating some of their children’s candy.

On Thursday, the parents ate from a sealed package of Sour Patch Kids that was collected by their children on Halloween night in a nearby neighborhood.

A short time later, the parents started to feel ill and contacted police. The sheriff’s office said that the gummies tested positive for drugs:

Deputies conducted field tests on the gummy candy, which tested positive for the presence of methamphetamine. The candy was seized and placed into evidence.

The parents were treated at a local hospital. Thankfully, their children didn’t consume any of the meth-covered candies.

Now, police are warning parents “out an abundance of caution and in the interest of public safety,” they said.

There haven’t been any similar reports from the area, but an Ohio boy likely suffered from a meth-induced seizure after he played with a pair of vampire teeth collected while trick-or-treating, Dearly previously reported.

The 5-year-old likely accidentally ingested meth while playing with the tainted teeth, police said. His mother said that he won’t be allowed to go out for Halloween ever again.

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