Parents Are Worried About Their Children’s Remains After Bodies of 63 Infants Are Found in Second Funeral Home

by San Eli News

On October 12, residents in Detroit, Michigan were horrified when the bodies of 11 infants were discovered inside the ceiling of Cantrell Funeral Home.

As Dearly previously reported, police discovered the remains after an anonymous letter tipped them off. The funeral home had been shut down in April for improperly storing bodies.

Now, police have made an even bigger disturbing discovery.

On Friday, the bodies of at least 63 infants were found inside a second Detroit funeral home.

According to WXYZ, Detroit Police raided Perry Funeral Home, where they discovered 36 fetuses inside cardboard boxes and 27 inside a freezer.

The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs said some of the infants’ deaths dated back to 2015.

Now, parents who used the funeral home are concerned that their babies may be one of the 63.

Divsha Dellihue, who sent the remains of her stillborn baby girl to Perry Funeral Home in 2017, said that she always knew something was off, according to The Detroit News:

“When I got the ashes and opened the urn, I told my sisterI don’t know why, but I have this funny feeling this isn’t her.’ It was just an instinct.”

She continued:

“Now, after I saw that there were 63 fetuses taken out of (Perry), I’m wondering if one of them is my daughter. It’s a creepy and a sad feeling. It’s very distressing.”

Perry Funeral Home is currently facing a civil lawsuit from another set of parents, who claim that their daughter’s body was left for three years after it was sent there, according to The Detroit News.

A lawyer for the funeral home, Joshua I. Arnkoff, said that “allegations being made through the press are inaccurate” and that the funeral home “conducted itself within the confines of the applicable statutes.”

The funeral home’s license has been revoked since the discovery. Police said there is currently no connection between Perry and the Cantrell Funeral Home case.

Dellihue said she just hopes police can work to identify the babies so that parents can find peace:

“I need to know if one of (the fetuses) was her. I hope they’re able to test those fetuses and find out who they are because I just don’t feel complete right now. It’s heartbreaking.”

Watch the video below: