Woman stole baby to ward off bad luck after believing in fortune teller, returned him to real mother 26 years later

explanations of certain things. Fortune tellers would usually give relevant advice but these particular fortune teller in China were telling their customers to go as far as committing a crime. The 49-year-old He Xiaoping from southwestern China lost her two sons in 1992 and decided to seek advice from fortune-tellers. Shockingly, they told Xiaoping to … Read more

Couple Devastated After Newborn Son Dies – 4 Days Later Call From Nurse Turns Their World Upside Down

Josh and Katie butler from Nashville, Tennessee were expecting a baby. The couple was excited beyond measure to welcome life into the world. At their 20-week check-up, doctors discovered something during the ultrasound that would change the course of the couple’s plans. This issue discovered in the ultrasound could cause a problem for their son … Read more