Truth Behind How 3-Year-Old Ended Up With STD Finally Revealed

A Texas man confessed to raping and passing along chlamydia and gonorrhea to his three-year-old female relative. Not only did San Antonio resident, 26-year-old Drevon Alexander Perkins forcibly rape and molest the tiny girl relative who still wore diapers, but he also passed along sexually transmitted diseases to the little one. The girl’s mother noticed … Read more

Doctor Performing C-Section CAN`T FIND Mom`s Baby. When He Starts Crying, They Realize The Mistake

A mom has filed a complaint with the hospital where her fourth child was born when she discovered that her doctor had performed an emergency C-section after she’d already given birth naturally. 21-year-old Amber Hughes, from Leicester, saw the look of utter shock spread across her partner’s face when her doctor attempted to deliver their … Read more

Former police officer who knelt on George Floyd’s neck charged with murder

The white Minneapolis police officer who pressed his knee into George Floyd’s neck was arrested Friday and charged with murder, as authorities imposed overnight curfews to try to stem violent protests over the police killings of African Americans that have spread from Minneapolis and other U.S. cities. Protesters smashed windows at the CNN headquarters in … Read more

Over 100 people arrested during Chicago looting spree

Chicago police on Monday said that more than 100 people were arrested and 13 officers injured during a looting spree overnight in a well-known shopping area in the city center. Hundreds of people descended on the so-called Magnificent Mile in Downtown Chicago on Sunday night, looting stores, breaking windows and confronting police. Chicago Police Department … Read more

Man shot, killed during Black Lives Matter protest in Texas

One person was killed when several shots were fired amid a Black Lives Matter protest in downtown Austin, Texas, on Saturday, authorities said. Footage posted during a Facebook Live showed the moment when several shots rang out in the Texas capital as about 100 people marched and chanted, “Fists up! Fight back!” Austin police and … Read more

Armed black protesters march in US demanding justice for Breonna Taylor

A group of heavily armed black protesters marched through Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday demanding justice for Breonna Taylor, a black woman killed in March by police officers who burst into her apartment. Scores of the demonstrators, carrying semi-automatic rifles and shotguns and clad in black paramilitary gear, walked in formation to a fenced-off intersection where … Read more