Mother of 2 Kills Her Ex’s Mom. Her New Boyfriend Turns Her in After Admitting She Doesn’t Remember Doing It

A Washington woman remains in custody after her boyfriend called the police and turned her in for murder. Ashley Horning, 25, reportedly sent her boyfriend Zachariah Gardner a Facebook message on Thursday morning saying she was going to kill herself, People reports. A man who turned his girlfriend into police after learning she was wanted for murder … Read more

Attorney Claims Chris Watts’ Daughter Begged Him Not to Kill Her After Seeing What He Did to Her Sister

Four months after Chris Watts was sentenced to five life sentences after he pled guilty to murdering his pregnant wife and their two young daughters, new details surrounding the murders are being released. According to People, the lawyer representing Shanann Watts’ family says they have specific details regarding how Chris killed his growing family and what he allegedly … Read more

Man Says He Doesn’t Regret His Actions After Walking in on a Teen Allegedly Molesting a 5-Year-Old Boy

An Ohio man is unapologetic for how he reacted after allegedly seeing a 17-year-old sexually assaulting a 5-year-old boy. According to WOIO, 20-year-old Richard Adams admitted he “just snapped” when he walked in on a teenager reportedly raping a young boy on March 21. Ohio man speaks out after assaulting child rape suspect. WARNING, GRAPHIC: “I … Read more

Woman Killed Due to Boat Explosion in the Bahamas. She was Celebrating Her Wedding Anniversary

An American woman was celebrating her anniversary on a tourist boat in the Bahamas when tragedy struck. Maleka Grimes Jackson, from Chattanooga, Tennessee, and her husband, Tiran Jackson, booked the trip to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary, her father Malvin Grimes told NewsChannel 9. Jackson and her husband were amongst 10 other passengers on the boat … Read more

2-Year-Old Killed By Mother Had Foster Parents Who Wanted to Keep Him ‘Safe.’ Court Ordered Him Back to Mom

The search for Florida two-year-old Jordan Belliveau came to a tragic end on Tuesday when police found his body in a wooded area in Largo. Jordan’s mother, 21-year-old Charisse Stinson, had previously reported him missing. She claimed he was abducted after she received a ride from a stranger and was knocked unconscious, prompting police to issue an Amber Alert. After … Read more

‘Mommy Blogger’ Arrested After Being Accused of Shaking Boyfriend’s Daughter ‘Almost to Death’

A “mommy blogger” from Buffalo, New York, has been arrested as a prime suspect in a child abuse case. According to the Erie County Sheriff’s press release, the toddler, Raelynn Rose Fuller, passed out and had difficulty breathing after someone assaulted the child. The little girl was taken to John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital after losing consciousness and sustaining … Read more

Family Who Got Restraining Order Against Hospital Told They Can No Longer Keep 9-Year-Old on Life Support

A Texas family will now have to allow the hospital to remove their 9-year-old daughter from life support after the judge denied their request to extend their court order. According to earlier reports Payton Summons’ family was granted a 14 day restraining order to keep her on life support at the Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth. This … Read more