Mom’s Sentenced to 40 Years in Prison. She Gave Kids a 150 Degree Bath As Punishment While Potty Training

An Alabama mother was sentenced to 40 years in prison as a punishment for placing two of her children in scalding bath water. WAFF reports, investigators say Amanda Reyer, 26, intentionally placed her 5-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter into water set at 150 degrees. Reyer said she purposely burned her children as punishment for misbehaving. She … Read more

Man Sentenced to Life for Raping 7-Year-Old Girl Just 6 Weeks After Being Released for Another Rape

A judge sentenced a Kansas man to life in prison for raping a 7-year-old girl in a stranger’s condo just six weeks after he was released from prison for another rape. The Wichita Eagle reports that the case was heard by Judge Joe Kisner on November 13. Prosecutors said sex offender Corbin Breitenbach, who had been previously convicted for … Read more

Investigators Make Chris Watts’ Motive Public — Say He Called Kids’ School to Say They Wouldn’t Be Coming Back

Nine days after Chris Watts was sentenced to five consecutive life sentences after killing his pregnant wife and two young daughters, authorities are revealing Watts’ motive. As Dearly previously reported, Watts was having an affair with a woman named Nichol Kessinger. Kessinger told the Denver Post that she and Watts met at work and started dating in July. Kessinger claimed … Read more

‘No Food, No Milk’: Two Students Attack a Cafeteria Worker Over School’s Cafeteria Policy

A Baltimore school lunch lady suffered several injuries after enforcing the school’s milk policy on Tuesday. As Fox 45 reports, the unnamed woman was attacked by two National Academy Foundation students after telling them “no food, no milk.” The name of the victim has not been released, but the local news source spoke with her sister, Kenya Mackey … Read more

Teen Playing Game Online Overhears Opponent Reportedly Raping a Girl. He Told 911 She Said ‘No’ 4 Times

A teenager never expected to be a witness to a crime while playing a video game online. However, as WBRC reports that is exactly what happened after a 16-year-old allegedly overheard the rape and assault of a young girl. According to authorities, on June 28, 18-year-old Daniel Fabian was playing “Grand Theft Auto” online with the 16-year-old when Fabian … Read more

Mom Is Caught Injecting Laxatives Into Baby’s Feeding Tube. She Had Searched How to ‘Overdose’ Him

In July, Minnesota mom Megan Lee Kafer’s infant son was admitted to the hospital because he appeared emaciated. According to Fox News, doctors were “inexplicably” unable to help the baby boy gain weight and suspected there may have been foul play. The hospital installed a security camera and captured something horrifying. Footage showed Kafer injecting an … Read more

Santa-for-Hire Arrested When Authorities Learn He’s a Registered Sex Offender Who Didn’t Report Job

It’s not that Robert Kendel isn’t allowed to dress up as Santa. It’s that he didn’t do the paperwork. As WFTV reports, the 48-year-old from Orange County, Florida has been working as a part-time Santa for years. When the Christmas season hits, Kendel advertises online as “Santa Bob,” a Santa-for-hire available for parties and other events. Sgt. … Read more

Father Allegedly Heard Daughter’s Throat Being Slit by Uncle, But Family Has Forgiven Accused Killer

Kentucky 3-year-old Josephine Bulubenchi was playing in a room with four other children on Saturday morning when her father heard screams coming from the baby monitor. Benjamin Bulubenchi rushed into the room, where he allegedly discovered his brother-in-law had slit the little girl’s throat. The child’s uncle, Emanuel Flutur, allegedly cut the father as well. Josephine passed … Read more

Dad Confronts Mom After Finding 3-Month-Old Son Not Breathing. She Gave Him Methadone to Sleep

New York mom Magan Michelle McDermott was watching her 3-month-old son at her sister’s house last month when the infant nearly lost his life. The child’s father had full custody but brought the baby to visit the mother, according to the Corvallis Gazette-Times. But in the early morning hours of November 24, McDermott’s sister heard screaming coming … Read more