Baby Dies Several Months After the Babysitter He Was Looked After By Was Indicted for the Severe Injuries He Sustained in Her Care

At five months old, Daniel Scrivner was severely injured while in the care of his babysitter. That babysitter has since been indicted for her role in his injuries and now his death. As WAVY reported, Scrivner was getting ready to celebrate his first birthday as he remained in the hospital continuing to heal from the … Read more

Dad Says Baby Girl Who Was Brutally Cut Out of Mother’s Womb by Neighbor Is a ‘Happy Little Girl’

North Dakota mom Savanna LaFontaine-Greywind was eight months pregnant in August 2017 when she was lured to her neighbor’s apartment. As Dearly previously reported, Brooke Lynn Crews, 38, asked the expectant mom to help her fit a dress with the promise of $20 payment. But when LaFontaine-Greywind entered the apartment, which was located in the same complex … Read more

Father Allegedly Heard Daughter’s Throat Being Slit by Uncle, But Family Has Forgiven Accused Killer

Kentucky 3-year-old Josephine Bulubenchi was playing in a room with four other children on Saturday morning when her father heard screams coming from the baby monitor. Benjamin Bulubenchi rushed into the room, where he allegedly discovered his brother-in-law had slit the little girl’s throat. The child’s uncle, Emanuel Flutur, allegedly cut the father as well. Josephine passed … Read more

Caretaker of 4-Year-Old Found Dead Is Charged With His Death After Confessing She ‘Hit Him Wrong’

On Thursday morning, Quatavia Givens, 26, reported her boyfriend’s 4-year-old son, Darnell Gray, missing. She told police that he’d vanished from his bedroom during the night after she tucked him into sleep on Wednesday, Dearly previously reported. His disappearance prompted a massive search by police in Jefferson City, Missouri, where the boy called home. But on … Read more

Witnesses Say Mom of Three Screamed ‘Please Don’t Kill Me’ Before Her Boyfriend Strangled Her, Two Kids Days After Their Son’s Funeral

In a brutal crime, a Milwaukee mom was strangled by her boyfriend, Arzel Ivery, who then killed her two daughters, one of whom was his own child. Amarah “Jerica” Banks was bludgeoned and then strangled by her boyfriend, who then killed the two young girls, according to court documents shared with People. Before the killings, Ivery and Banks … Read more

Another black man shot dead by US police in Los Angeles

U.S. police have shot dead another black man, who they said had a handgun but had dropped it during a violent altercation in Los Angeles, triggering fresh outrage as tensions soar over racism and police brutality. The man, named in local media as 29-year-old Dijon Kizzee, was riding his bicycle when Los Angeles County Sheriff’s … Read more