Pack of dogs mauls woman on road, dislocating one of her feet entirely from her ankle

On Monday, a pack of dogs reportedly mauled a woman to death and an investigation is underway in Alabama concerning the matter. Ruthie Brown, 36, who is a mother of four, died after this dog attack on Jagger Road in Walker County, according to WIAT.

Walker County Coroner Joey Vick said that it isn’t just a matter of gaping wounds but one of her feet appeared to be completely dislocated from her ankle after the dog attack and the severity of her injuries is quite evident considering the fact that she was pronounced dead at the scene.

The breed of dogs involved in Monday’s incident has not been revealed yet by the officials but some of the dogs involved have been captured, as it was announced by Walker County police in a Facebook post.

Police just have the information about Brown walking down the road and then getting mauled by the dogs. It’s not lucid enough as to how many dogs were present and what exactly prompted the attack. Authorities would be conducting the investigation and the dogs will be turned over to the Humane Society but it’s not clear whether criminal charges will be filed in this case.

Police strongly believe that these dogs have owners as it was earlier reported by the Daily Mountain Edge that someone had come forward to claim two of the dogs.