Ownership and Funding

Ownership Information:

San Eli News is owned and operated by Steven Zimmerman.

Mr Zimmerman has been a writer, reporter and photojournalist for thirty-three plus years. There are no public shares available for San Eli News, nor are we a publicly traded company.

San Eli News is registered as a sole proprietorship. There are no other entities holding stake within our company.

Funding Information:

Donors and members subscribe to San Eli News’ belief that promoting greater civic engagement and informed discourse is a direct route to a better and more productive City. Our members play no role in guiding the journalism produced by San Eli News or the planning and execution of events.

We also sell advertising on our website, our printed magazine as well as other means of print media. We will never enter into a partnership with an advertiser nor allow them license to guide our journalism procedures.

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If you have a question about becoming a supporter or advertising, let us know. We’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.