Oregon Wildfire: Man Rescues Badly Burned Woman Who Turned Out to be His Wife

“I am your wife,” these are the words that Chris Tofte heard from a woman he rescued from the fire. Tofte was unable to recognize the woman he had saved from the Oregon wildfire because the woman was badly burned. Later on, it was revealed that Tofte’s wife survived, but his son and mother-in-law did not.
The Oregon blaze had taken the life of Tofte’s child and mother-in-law. The two are just some of the people who had lost their lives from the devastating wildfire.
Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Jeffrey McEnroe
Rescuer did not recognize his wife
The family of Tofte was part of the victims of the Oregon wildfire. Tofte was looking for his missing family in the Marion County on Tuesday when he had helped a woman.
At first, he did not recognize that the woman he was helping is his wife, because the woman was badly burned by the fire. He only knew she is his wife when she told him who she was.
He hurriedly brought her to his truck and sent her to the hospital. His wife, Angela, is in critical condition.

He looked for his son, Wyatt, and his mother-in-law, Peggy Mosso. Unfortunately, both were found dead on separate cars.
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Other family members did not survive the fire
According to Meaww, at first, he was hopeful that his son was still alive after someone told him that Wyatt was at a friend’s house. However, it was not true.
He was later on informed that his son died with his dog while inside a car that was burned with the wildfire. His son was hugging his dog before he died.
Another devastating news came as Tofte’s mother-in-law was also included in the fatalities of the wildfire.

It was reported that Mosso died in a separate car that was also engulfed in the flames of the wildfire. The officials of Oregon are expecting a high number of fatalities from the tragic event.
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