Oregon man gets probation for causing infant son’s severe injuries

BEND, Ore. (BEND BULLETIN) — A 36-year-old former hospital worker was stressed by the COVID-19 pandemic at the time he lost his temper and caused brutal injuries to his infant son, he said during sentencing Tuesday, Dec. 1, in Deschutes County Circuit Court.

Charles Medley was sentenced to three years’ probation with a host of conditions, including attending parenting and aggression control classes. Violating the conditions could result in a four-year prison sentence. Medley pleaded guilty on Monday, Nov. 30, to three counts of first-degree criminal mistreatment.

Medley had no prior criminal record, which attorneys said factored into the sentencing recommendation. Defense attorney Clark Fry acknowledged his client went from “zero to 60 pretty fast.” Judge Alycia Sykora said: “It was more like zero to 260, given the profound injuries he caused, including punching the baby with a closed fist.”

On April 23, the then-15-week-old child arrived for a checkup at the hospital with suspicious injuries. X-rays and MRIs revealed multiple skull and leg fractures and a brain bleed.

The victim’s mother spoke briefly by phone, asking the judge for leniency. She said her child had fully healed and the Department of Health and Human Services recently closed its case on the incident. She said her son looks forward to the regular video calls with his father in jail.