Once When Gandhi Had A Fight With His Wife…

Once Gandhi had a terrible fight with his wife. Both have become extremely emotional and came to a point where Mathama Ghandi screamed to his wife: “Get out of my house! Get out of here!”. The woman left the house crying.

Mahatma Gandhi was an inspiration to Martin Luther King and many others who were promoters to unviolent changes in the society, but here we see a fight with his wife! But this is the nature of marriage. If Mahatma Gandhi, who was more experienced and powerful than any of us today, couldn’t hold the peace in his house don’t think that you will be able to do it.

A bit later, Gandhi left his house and saw his wife sitting on the side. He asked her: “What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be somewhere else?” She lifted her head and said “I don’t  have anywhere else to go”. Gandhi smiled and said: “OK, lets forget everything and go inside” and this was an end of the fight.

This is a solution to every problem in the marriage – “forget”. No matter of the problems that you may have – based on the situation, based on two different egos – they are not important. When two egos live near, occasional fights and disagreements are natural, the thing that is important is the saint principle why you two are together – help each other in order to advance in the yoga of life. The highest is the principle to help each other in developing pure love – between each other, towards other living beings, towards God and to protect each other in that purpose. It this is the reason why we got marries, than nothing else doesn’t matter.

Most of the new divorces are based on things which are not really important. If you don’t focus to your principles, less important things become very important – at least it seems like that. If you see the whole picture the small parts can be modified, but if you can’t see the whole picture than just one small part may cause chaos.