Olympia authorities found the body of a woman on October 2 near Lake Cushman

A woman’s body was found on October 2 after someone moving by discovered it. The body was of Rachell Rene Roberts, who was assaulted and signs of suffocation were also marked. The body was found near Lake Cushman, Forest Service Road 24, close to highway 119.

The sheriff’s office said, “it was apparent from the evidence at the scene that this was a homicide”. They even claimed that Roberts was not killed at the location where the body was found and they found a U-Haul van near the body which may be used at the time of transferring Roberts.

Police are in search of two suspects identified as Mathew Collett, 37 described as 5’9 weighs 180 pounds and bald with green eyes. Kylie Kadeen Craig,28 is described as 5’3 tall weighs 180 pounds and has green eyes.

There are no other details specified by the authorities but they believe these two suspects are connected with the crime. the police said, the suspects may be driving a red 2013 Hyundai Elantra with Washington license.

The police released information about the suspects and police details to inform if anyone with information related to the case.

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