NYC panhandler pushes commuter onto subway tracks: NYPD

NEW YORK CITY (WPIX) — Police are searching for a man who pushed an off-duty UPS worker onto a subway track in Manhattan on Wednesday.

The incident happened at 7:10 p.m. Wednesday. The 36-year-old uniformed worker was waiting for the northbound D train at Bryant Park Station when a man walked up to him and asked for money. When the UPS worker refused, he was pushed to the tracks. There was no train coming at the time. The victim was taken to a local hospital with lacerations to his knee and ears from the fall.

The New York Daily News reports the suspect punched the man multiple times in the face before shoving him onto the southbound B/D tracks.

Police said the suspect is believed to be about 20 years old, 5-foot-7 and 165 pounds with brown eyes and black hair.

The New York Post reports the victim got back up onto the platform safely before he was taken to Bellevue Hospital for minor injuries. The suspect fled north along Sixth Avenue.