NYC man seen dumping pregnant girlfriend’s body off expressway after strangling her to death in shocking clip

by San Eli News
NYC man seen dumping pregnant girlfriend’s body off expressway after strangling her to death in shocking clip

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: A man has been seen in a shocking video dumping the lifeless body of his six-month pregnant girlfriend whom he allegedly strangled to death. Goey Charles was caught on CCTV as he appeared to dump the body of the 29-year-old Vanessa Pierre on the Horace Harding Expressway in Queens, New York. The footage was released by police on Twitter.

The Sun reported that the victim was pregnant with Charles’ child when she was killed along with the unborn baby. Police said that the 29-year-old accused hid Pierre’s body next to a small bush before driving off the place. When her body was discovered, a sweatshirt was found wrapped around her neck. She was wearing an orange shirt and red pajamas, and a sock in one foot. The city medical examiner’s office said on October 27 that Pierre died of asphyxia because of compression of the neck. Her death has been declared a homicide.

Pierre’s 27-year-old sister Melissa said that the victim — a nurse practitioner — was going to be the mother of a girl child and the baby’s name was also decided — Libby Egypt. “She loved him and she wanted a family but I told her this man is not it. I kept telling her this man is not it. Something was just off about him. He was a pathological liar. They moved really fast, been together about a year, less than that. From what it looked like, it looked like he wasn’t really working,” Melissa told The New York Post. She also said that the car shown in the footage “wasn’t his car”. “That was Vanessa’s car,” the sister added. Melissa went on to say that Pierre “never got into altercations with anyone” and “was very excited about the baby.”

New York City Police Department Chief of Detectives Rodney Harrison on Tuesday, October 27, confirmed that Charles has been arrested. He wrote on Twitter: “Earlier this morning, Goey Charles was apprehended and arrested for the heinous act of killing Vanessa.” Harrison also released the shocking footage on the social site and captioned it as: “On October 23rd in the confines of the 111th precinct, 29-year-old Vanessa Pierre and her unborn baby were found deceased lying facedown on the sidewalk off of Horace Harding Expressway.” Charles is now facing a second-degree murder charge.



DA Melinda Katz said, “This is a heartbreaking case. A pregnant woman was allegedly killed by this defendant — the father of her unborn child. Her family is devastated. The defendant is in custody and will answer for his alleged actions.”

In another incident, a seven and a half months pregnant woman died after her friend allegedly cut her womb open and took out the unborn baby. The shocking incident reportedly happened in New Boston, Texas, on October 9. The lifeless body of the victim, identified as Reagan Hancock, was found by her mother Jessica Brookes. The unidentified accused was arrested in McCurtain County, Oklahoma by the authorities, and has been charged with kidnapping and murder of an unborn child.

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