So, the fact that they lost their jobs is a step in the right direction. In the video, the nurses are squishing the face of a newborn. The family of the baby later found out what was taking place, and it was not happy. One of the Saudi nurses grabs the baby by the neck and forehead before squishing the face as the others laughed.

They were so carried away by these vile acts that they even decided to film the incident themselves. The baby’s father was furious on seeing his baby’s video, who was in the hospital to get treatment for a urinary tract infection. He wants the nurses and those who shared the video get punished for their cruelty. Luckily, the nurses were identified after an investigation into the source of the video. The probing helped identify the hospital and the nurses who perpetrated the acts. The incident took place in Taif, which is located in the Saudi province of Mecca.