Nurse sneaks into patient’s room, seconds later camera catches her true colors

by San Eli News

At times it feels like the world is filled with bad negative news and terrible things happening to people. Everyday all we hear from people is about how terrible and horrible some people can be.

Terrorist attacks and bombings are now a daily occurrence and most people are afraid of whats going to happen next.

Once in a while though a nice article will come along and cheer you right up!

This is that article that will help you restore humanity in people

It makes my heart really warm to read about the good deeds some people do.

We should try give more media attention and cover on these articles then on negative news stories.

This story about Jeremiah Nichol is one story we are very happy to share.

As Jeremiah’s grandma was laying in hospital he knew that he did not have much time left on this planet.

She was a patient in the hospital and needed help with all her daily chores.

Nurses are sometimes very underappreciated. They do far more than people imagine to make sure that their patients are looked after in the best possible way.

Isabelle is a great example of this. She is the kind of nurse who would go out of her way to help anybody, and Jeremiah wants to let everyone know about her and what exactly she done.

After Isabelle found out that Jeremiah’s grandma did not have long left to live she decided that she would go into her bedroom and do something very special for her.

Little did people know but Isabelle was gifted with the voice of an absolute angel.

She held Jeremiah’s grandmothers arm and asked if it was Ok that she sang her a song.

The whole incident was caught on camera so that people would never forget the moment.

Nurses truly do not get the appreciation that the deserve. People often think its the doctors and surgeons are the important people but nurses take kindness to a whole new level.

What a big heart this nurse had

Watch the video below and make sure you get out your tissue box: