Nurse Does Something For Elderly Lady Before She Passes And Thankfully Someone Started Recording

Nurses are amazing people who take care of us when we are sick. Many time they do not get the same recognition as doctors but we can all agree that their care plays a big part when we are recovering from sickness. Isabelle is one of those nurses that goes above and beyond to care for the patients that she knows.

“Grandma Helen” was one of Isabelle’s patients. Isabelle care for Helen and would sing to her on Fridays. Unfortunately Helen’s health was getting worse and it didn’t look like she had much time left. Isabelle decided to come in to see Helen on her day off and sing to her. She did not realize that someone was recording her, but this candid moment will leave you in tears! Helen ended up passing away a few days later but this was a very special last moment. Watch the amazing video below:

What do you think of this nurse and her willingness to cheer up her patients? Share this story if you think we need more people like nurse Isabelle in the word! Thank God for nurses!