Northern Territory News goes on epic social media rant criticising almost every other Australian city. But mostly Adelaide.

by San Eli News

The Northern Territory News may call home only Australia’s 15th largest city, but like a yappy-type dog showing no fear to a bemused German shepherd, the Top End’s favourite paper has laid in to just about every other city in Australia in spectacular and foul-mouthed fashion.

In an epic Twitter rant on Wednesday continuing into early Thursday morning, whoever is in charge of social media at the daily doubled down on a drubbing of Australia’s other capitals. But mostly Adelaide.

The paper, which like is part of News Corp Australia, has won numerous awards for its rather witty headlines. Now it seems to have set its sights of dominating the social media space too.

In capitals, so we all knew Darwin was shouting (look, they are far away) the NT News went to town telling its 48,000 followers Adelaide was the “MOST BORING CITY IN AUSTRALIA”, Melbourne was one of the “MOST SUCKIEST PLACES THAT EVER DID SUCK”, Newcastle was a “SH*THOLE”, denied Perth was actually a real place and claimed “WHAT’S A TASMANIA?”.

When challenged by some as to why the NT News was on a crusade to smear the reputation of every other place outside the Territory, the person typing claimed at one point they had just found a random phone that was logged in to the NT’s Twitter account.

And when another suggested Darwin was not all that good and the beer, in particular, was rubbish, the NT News replied that the beer was: “THE FINEST FIZZY DINGO PISS A B**TARD (THE NAME FOR OUR CURRENCY) CAN BUY”.

When someone asked if the social media manager was drunk, the NT News replied “yes”.

The Top End tizz began, as many tizzes do, over a sporting match when it emerged NT’s second city of Alice Springs was to be stripped of a Big Bash League cricket match between the Adelaide Strikers and the Perth Scorchers because the pitch wasn’t up to scratch.

The NT News informed its readers via Twitter that the match would now be moved to Adelaide.

This information prompted one reader to reply: “How bad must you be for Adelaide to be the preferred option … for anything?”

The NT News was in furious agreement. It replied to the commenter — and just for good measure tagged Steven Marshall, the premier of South Australia – into the response: “WE’RE NOT ONE TO SPEAK BADLY ABOUT ADELAIDE BUT DOES ADELAIDE SUCK OR WHAT?”

And just like that, it was on. Ardent Adelaidians, including the NT News’ sister paper in SA The Advertiser, chastised the masthead but to no effect. For good measure, the NT News then decided to have a go at every other major city.

The tirade lasted for some 15 solid hours, only ceasing at 1am on Wednesday morning when, exhausted, the NT News’ Twitter account mused: “NIGHT ALL. ONE PRESUMES I’LL BE LOOKING FOR A NEW JOB TOMORROW”.

This morning a new tweet appeared on the NT News’ Twitter account.