A North Texas policeman who was charged with murder in the week after fatally shooting Jonathan Price was fired Thursday, officials announced, days after becoming one among the rare enforcement officers to face prosecution for shooting and killing someone while on duty.

Shaun Lucas, a politician in Wolfe City, Texas, was responding to a call about possible disturbance Saturday night at a shop when he encountered and killed  Price, 31, who was well-known within the small community, authorities said.

On Monday this week, the Texas Rangers charged Lucas with murder saying that his actions were not objectively reasonable.

The town, in a statement released this Thursday, said that because Lucas was a licensed lawman, Wolfe City “was required to conduct an administrative investigation of Mr Lucas’s misconduct.”

Lucas was fired from the department that day for his egregious violation of the City’s and police department’s policies, the statement stated.

The attorney for Lucas defended his actions during the encounter.

“Mr. Lucas acted within policy and law during this complete incident,” John Snider, the attorney, wrote in an email. “He attempted to detain Mr. Price and was met with physical resistance. Mr. Lucas only discharged his pistol as a final resort in response to an aggressive assailant who was actively trying to require his taser.”

Snider said there was no other option available for Lucas to challenge the firing.

The city’s statement didn’t provide further details about what specific policies Lucas violated. Police and city officials haven’t skilled multiple requests for the use-of-force policies employed by the police .

“As the Mayor and Council of Wolfe City we would like to increase our gratitude that the gatherings in support of Mr. Price and his family have remained peaceful,” the statement said. “Wolfe City may be a tightknit community, and that we join you in mourning Jonathan’s death and therefore the events of the last week.”

The statement also noted that a lot of city employees had worked with both Lucas and Price. It said Wolfe City and its police are cooperating with both the Texas Rangers’ investigation and therefore the district attorney’s office.

An evidence affidavit within the case made public Wednesday said Lucas was responding to a possible fight at the Kwik Check shop when he was greeted there by Price.