None of my Friends Could Solve This (Can You Spot the Panda Among the Snowmen?)

How long did it take you to find him?

I love exercising the old noggin! Anything from crosswords to Sudoku just awakens my competitive spirit and energizes me.

The feeling you get when you finally solve a tricky brain teaser is so satisfying. And on top of that, it helps improve your memory!

I came across this illusion the other day, and nobody in my friends could solve it – we had to sit down together and have a long, hard look at it to figure it out.

Visual challenges are great fun. You really have to focus to find that one little detail that gives you the solution. Sometimes it can take you a while, but that only makes it feel that much more satisfying when you do finally figure it out.

Easier said than done

At first glance, this optical illusion just consists of a lot of snowmen. But somewhere in the picture, there’s a stealthy panda hiding.

So, the challenge is to find the sneaky panda. It’s easier said than done!Can you do it? Ready, set and go!