No remains of Kelsey Berreth is found even after two years of her disappearance on Thanksgiving Day.

Two years ago, on Thanksgiving day, a professional pilot named Kelsey Berreth vanished after taking a trip to the Colorado Safeway along with her 1-year-old daughter. After that she was never seen again and no one knows whether she is alive or dead as the detectives did not found her body.

Although her remains were never found, her child’s father and fiancé Patrick Frazee is arrested and charged for her presumed murder. He is sentenced for 156 years with no chances of Parole.

Frazee’s one-time girlfriend named Krystal Lee Kenney confessed that in 2018 Thanksgiving Day, she drove to Woodland Park in Colorado, at Berreth’s townhouse to clean up a bloody scene, when Frazee had killed Berreth on November 22. Kenney had pleaded guilty to tampering with evidences and now she is serving 3 years in Denver Women’s Correctional Facility.The 33-years-old Frazee did not say a word in media during the time when this incident occured. In April, 2020, he wrote two letters where he claimed that he is innocent and he did not have enough defense during his trial.

Frazee wrote, “I want my daughter to know the truth.” He further added, “Most of all I want my daughter to know I did not kill her mother!”

In another letter, he wrote, “I stayed silent this whole time at the direction of my attorney. I am not guilty of any of the things I was charged with. I want nothing more than to find out what happened to Kelsey.”

“My silence made me look guilty in the eyes of the public,” he added.

In the meanwhile, Kelsey’s parents have taken the custody of Kelsey, Frazee and Berreth’s daughter.