Newborn Baby Abandoned by Parents in the Middle of the Woods

by San Eli News

A newborn infant was rescued in India after being buried alive by his parents in the woods. Locals in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh were curious after hearing the cries of an infant in the forest. They immediately seek out the source of the sound, until finally discovering the baby.
By the time the police officers arrived, the suspects have already fled the scene. Locals worked together to retrieve the baby, who was half-buried in the pit. The infant even had mud on his mouth when he was rescued.
Newborn was severely underweight
Photo by storyvillegirl on / CC BY-SA
Rama Krishna, Yetapaka Circle Inspector, stated that the infant was rushed to the district hospital at Bhadrachalam to receive immediate medical attention.
“The health condition of the baby is out of danger and admitted to Area Hospital in Bhadrachalam town. The doctors have said that the baby was responding to medical treatment.”

The newborn baby was also underweight and malnourished. According to a report in The Hindu, the male infant only weighed one kilogram. He needs to stay in the hospital for a few weeks until his health can recuperate.
“The weight of the baby is one kilogram. The details of the baby’s family are not known. The investigation is on to nab the miscreants who have absconded.”
According to the witnesses, it seems like the parents were trying to get rid of the infant. However, their plans were foiled when the infant’s cries attracted other people.
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Police are on the hunt for culprits
Photo: Unsplash/Shnipelson
If he had not been discovered earlier, the baby would’ve surely perished.

“If the baby was left in the same condition for some more time, he would have died. Somebody had buried him only a few minutes before shepherd heard his cries,” said one of the locals cited in Gulf News.
Investigators in India are currently investigating the case to trace the parents of the newborn, who immediately fled the scene.
They are also interviewing locals around the area to determine if any pregnant woman recently gave birth. The on-going investigation is aided by child welfare department workers to track the culprits.
According to law enforcement authorities, there’s also a possibility that the infant was born out of wedlock. In some remote areas in India, having a child outside marriage is still frowned upon.
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