New Report: Myrtle Beach Woman Kills Two Newborns And Hides Them In Trash And Turns Herself In After Jury Finds Her Guilty

by San Eli News

Report: A South Carolina woman reportedly skipped her murder trial this week but it was found by the jury that the woman is ‘guilty’ for killing her two newborns babies in 2017 and 2018 respectively and dumping their bodies into the trash.

The woman who is identified as 32-year-old Alyssa Anne Dayvault turned herself to the North Myrtle Beach Police department last Friday which was a day after the trial was completed.

Alyssa has been arrested and put behind the bars on charges of killing her newborn baby boy whom she gave birth in December 2018. Reports also say that the child ‘took many gasping breaths’ before she dumped him.

During the investigation about the case, Alyssa also revealed that she had also thrown away a newborn baby girl a year before this in 2017.

Police found that in a 2018 incident when Alyssa developed an infection after birth, thereafter she had to go to a hospital. However, initially, she denied being pregnant but soon admitted what had happened.

Alyssa Dayvault told police in an interview that was played during the trial, according to the Sun-News. “I wasn’t thinking. I don’t have an explanation. I wasn’t thinking. I was too scared.”

After acknowledging the 2017 incident, the police department obtained the medical record of the baby and found that the fetus she gave birth in 2017 had a healthy heartbeat.

Now, Authorities from the police department have issues for a bench warrant against Alyssa and when she was a no-show for the trial, which proceeded without her, the Sun-News said.

As the jury found her guilty of two counts of homicide by child abuse on Thursday. Her sentence has been placed under seal and will be read when appears for the trial in the court.