Neighbors Were Outraged When She Setup Her “Garden”

by San Eli News

Collectors are extremely passionate about their objects. But sometimes these collections can spark terror in other people. While few people will find a stamp or baseball card collection to be alarming, a doll collection could be an ample source of terror for unsuspecting people. Although Barbie dolls are relatively pleasant to look at, other dolls have a lot more alarming faces that are better suited for Halloween and other terrifying occasions.

While some doll collectors prefer beautiful faces and pristine looks, other doll collectors (like the person behind Ghouls Hallow on Instagram) choose to highlight the creepy and most terrifying doll heads you ever did see in your lifetime. Scrolling through the images on this page, you’ll find a number of doll heads that have been transformed into planters – and they’re even creepier now than before.

The image above was posted to the Instagram page a few weeks ago. However, it seems like something that would be a hit around Halloween time, the creator of the doll-head hanging planter, released it six months out from Halloween. Perhaps, they should reconsider their timing of product launches.

“First part of our new backyard decor done. Hanging doll head flower pots.”

Another creator online shared a photo featuring four hanging doll head planters. These items are upside down when they are hanging and are stuffed with succulents that appear to be alien-like in the way they emerge from the doll heads.

On the Instagram account LoveKensington, the artist shared a picture of her white powder-face dolls that are stuffed to bursting with a eucalyptus fledgling.

Another doll planter features a small baby doll with the succulent plant growing out of its leg as though it truly were an alien. The end of the succulent then enters the baby through its opening mouth, which can only be opened in a fearful wail of pain.

Another person shared a photo of a doll head planter series. In this image, the dolls look like toys that a little girl would have loved to play with in her youth. Perhaps, the young girl grew up and no longer had an interest in these dolls, which allowed her mother to rip them apart – cut off the top of their heads – and transform them into plant potters that are exceptionally popular online.

While some of these doll head planters were enjoyable to view, most people agreed that they became absolutely disturbing when someone decided to turn their outdated Cabbage Patch Kids collection into this emerging trend of weirdness.

In the photo of the Cabbage Patch Kids doll head planters, these seemingly innocent dolls have been transformed into some of the creepiest things you will ever have seen. If my neighbor started decorating her front yard with these objects, I would never want to speak with her again because I’d start to question her. It’s not something you expect your neighbors to do with their property.

What do you think about these weird doll head planters? Are you interested in them for your yard?

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