Natalie Jones: Mother thinks missing daughter found dead was abducted

Although authorities don’t suspect foul play at this time, a grieving mother says that her daughter, Natalie Jones, who was found dead in her car earlier this week in Georgia, was abducted.

As reported earlier, human remains were found inside a hot pink Chevrolet on a property in a wooded area in Franklin, Georgia, close to Roosterville Road and Welcome Road. Missing mom Natalie Jones, 28, was last seen driving a distinct four-door, Chevrolet Cavalier, that she had painted a hot pink colour with a blue stripe. It has a Georgia license plate number of RVE6177.

“Adventures with Purpose” and organisation that specializes in water recovery while travelling cross-country to help find missing people, was on the scene when police arrived. Jones’ sister confirmed live with the organisation that remains were her sister’s. An official identification by a coroner, however, still needs to be made.

Jones’s mother, Elaine Gordon, told Channel 2 Action News that her daughter was in the middle of a tumultuous custody battle and was preparing for a court hearing before she vanished. She added that Jones had been getting threatening messages from others before she disappeared.

Although Heard Country Sheriff Ross Henry said evidences suggests Jones’s car had been in the same place since she vanished, Gordon thinks someone abducted and harmed her. Gordon also doesn’t believe her daughter’s car could have been in the same place for the past three months.

Gordon said “I know we had 10 cars and every one of them passed that spot where her car was found. There are some evil people in this world today. A lot of demons that don’t care.”

While neighbours said the car had not been seen there earlier and others speculated it was planted there, Henry debunked the statements and called them “90% fabricated”.

Henry said “There was speculation that the guy that was doing the clearing, said the car was not there yesterday morning and then he got back home yesterday evening the car was there, that’s not true at all. The car was around the car. You can tell that weeds had grown through the wheels and the bumper, it’s clearly been there a long time.”