Mum told daughter ‘be safe, I love you’ moments before teen was killed in 90mph fireball smash by idiot driver

A HEARTBROKEN mum told her teen daughter “be safe, I love you” moments before she was killed in a 90-mph fireball smash by an idiotic driver.

Jacinta Barnett, 19, from Melbourne, Australia was killed after the driver of the Mazda 3 she was riding in as a passenger smashed into a Nissan Skyline in September 2019.

While the Nissan’s driver, 21-year-old Shannon Lorenzo Juriansz died “almost instantly” after his car burst into flames, Jacinta suffered serious head injuries and was rushed to The Alfred Hospital.

Surrounded by her family, she was pronounced dead shortly after.

Her mother told Australian news site The Age that she had pleaded with her daughter not to ride in the car before the horrific accident.

She said: “I kept telling her ‘don’t get in the car with him, his car is unsafe’.

Eventually, she let her daughter go by telling her: “Be safe, I love you.”

According to her, Jacinta was a “beautiful” young woman who had aims of becoming a professional photographer.

“She was very kind, very generous… and always put everyone first before herself,” said the grieving mother.

“She had deep love for her friends and family, and she also had deep love for photography.

“She loved taking photos, she was very good at it.”