Mum, 43, who is mistaken for son’s sister reveals secrets to youthful looks

A 43-year-old mum has said her teen son is often left “embarrassed” as strangers regularly mistake them as sibling because of her youthful looks.

Marcela Iglesias, 43, is “flattered” when strangers assume she is two decades younger with the mum-of-one crediting regular Botox injections for keeping her skin smooth and wrinkle free.

But while she loves being mistaken for her 19-year-old son’s sister, Rodrigo hasn’t always been a fan of the blunder.

“When we go out together to concerts or shopping – people think I am part of his group of friends,” Marcela said. “They can’t believe I am his mother.”

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Describing it as a “massive compliment” she said Rodrigo used to get “embarrassed” but says “he loves it now”.

“I guess it is because I am not a typical mum. I am trendy and fashionable,” she said.

“We sometimes share clothes, I have some unisex jackets which look great on him.”

Marcela refuses to behave like a ‘normal’ mum, describing herself as “a little crazy and extreme”.

“I don’t act my age. I love hearing what the younger generation have to say, because they are our future – so always catch up with my son’s friends.

“I find that people forget how to live their life and worry too much with age but I do my best to live life to the full.”

Despite spending hundreds of dollars per month on Botox, Marcela hasn’t had any plastic surgery.

But she has had filler in her lips and cheeks to maintain her youthful looks.

“I started getting Botox and fillers in my thirties. I get it to maintain and enhance my natural looks,” she said.

“I have also had stem cell therapy which meant I was injected with 30 million stem cells.

“It is to repair and generate healthier and new cells.”

While Marcela swears by controversial rejuvenation skin treatments, experts have pointed out in the past there is still a lack research and evidence.

She also added that while she is “not against surgery” at this stage she hasn’t ever had anything done.

“I have never had any other cosmetic procedures – I definitely think less is more.

“I am not against surgery but I do think if you get too much it can make you look older.

“However, I would be open to a face lift in the future if I need one.”

Her other beauty tips include living a “stress-free life” and quitting smoking.

“I lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle which is always good for your appearance,” she said.

Marcela and her son have a close bond and similar interests.

“We are incredibly close and always together,” she said.

“We go shopping a lot together as he gives great fashion advice.

“Our bond is more like siblings rather than mother and son so it is not surprising that others are mistaken.”

The Latina-American woman has a huge following on social media, amassing 303,000 fans on Instagram alone where she regularly shares snaps of herself in skin-tight outfits.

When she shared a photo with son Rodrigo last year, people went wild over their striking similarities.

“Beautiful mum with her child,” one wrote.

“He looks just like his mamma,” another said.