Mother’s Decomposing Body Discovered Under Pile of Clothes With Her 4 Disabled Children In The Same Apartment

The Davidson County police had started an investigation, after they found a decomposing body of a woman residing in Tennessee, in her own apartment in the past week.

The deputies of Davidson County discovered the body on October 21, when they came to serve an eviction notice at a house in Nashville that belonged to Laronda Jolly. According to the WKRN, they have received a call from 911 where the investigators informed them that they have found Jolly’s body below the pile of clothes.

The 56-years-old Jolly lived with her 4 children, who are both developmentally as well as intellectually disabled. According to the news outlet, one of the children believed that their mother died two years ago.

Jolly’s brother also believes that Jolly died before 2018.

His brother said, “There was nothing left but bones, it was just a skeleton.” He further added, “I called my niece, and I asked her how long had my sister been deceased and when she said since early 2017 – I was shocked.”

According to Jolly’s brother, they were not very close to each other, but still his brother called her occasionally to check on how she was doing. He also revealed that from the last few years, his niece and nephews always claimed that their mother was not at home.

In August, Jolly’s brother insisted on wellness check, but the police fqailed to establish any connection with Jolly. According to the police, Jolly suffered from seizures about which her brother was unsure.

In a statement delivered to WKRN, Jolly’s brother said, “They knew better, but they were going by what their mother said, they were obeying their mother’s wishes – just let her lay there, no matter what.” He further added, “Don’t call anybody, and that’s what they done.”

According to WTVF, the authorities did not find any signs of foul play. Due to the condition of body, the investigators claimed that they may not be able to figure out the exact cause of her death.

The ministry of Nashville Inner City are looking for a house for Jolly’s 4 adult children.