Mother Who Killed Alleged Rapist Claims Guilty Plea is “Lesser of Two Evils”

A woman from Alabama confessed to killing her accused rapist and justifying the same by asserting that it was an act of self-defense. She further claimed that by pleading guilty, “she chose the ‘lesser of the two evils’”. The 33-year-old mother, Brittany Smith, who nurtured and nourished four children, pleaded guilty to murdering her teenage friend, Todd Smith, whom she claimed strangled and raped her back in January 2018. Brittany further admitted to the crime, claiming, “she fatally shot Todd as he held her brother in a chokehold and threatened to kill them both”.

The 33-year-old claimed in a recent interview, “I’m really disappointed with having to take a plea deal. I’m not a murderer, but when it’s the lesser of two evils, what can you do?” The Alabama woman was sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment, out of which she is supposed to spend 18 months in a country jail and another 18 months in house arrest.

The remainder of 17 years will be served by Smith on probation. Smith talks about the various hardships that are up ahead since she is a mother and this prison sentence will make it further difficult to meet her kids, “It’s going to be really hard for me to get a job and get my kids back.

I know that my family will let me visit my kids but as far as them coming home to Mommy, it’s not going to happen anytime soon. I’m relieved that my kids and my family can just kind of move forward, and I’m relieved that I can move forward. But it’s still really hard”. The 33-year-old aspires to document her experiences in a book and publish it later, once she completes her sentence.