Mother Tried To Sell 1-Week-Old Baby For $4,000 On Black Market To Buy New Boots

A Russian woman has been arrested after allegedly trying to sell her 1-week-old baby via the black market for around $4,o00 so she could purchase a new pair of boots. Luiza Gadzhieva, 25, claimed she was looking for a couple to adopt the little girl, but she was caught out in a sting operation after accepting cash from undercover officers in exchange for the child, The Sun reports.

1. SHE WAS ARRESTED RIGHT AWAY.According to reports, Gadzhieva was immediately arrested after handing over the baby in a coffee shop and taken to a Moscow holding cell.

2. THE EVIDENCE AGAINST HER WAS UNDENIABLE.In addition to the most incriminating evidence of all – that she literally took cash for the baby in police presence – it was also said that Gadzhieva, from Dagestan, had discussed with her sister that she’d already picked a new pair of boots for after she’d sold the infant.

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4. ANTI-SLAVERY GROUP ALTERNATIVA TRIED TO HELP GADZHIEVA BEFORE THE POLICE GOT INVOLVED.The group said in a statement: “We tried in every way possible to explain to her that bad, dangerous conditions awaited the child. The height of cynicism was her correspondence with her sister, who knew about everything, and in which the child’s mother discussed what boots she will buy for herself and selling the child.”

5. GADZHIEVA ALREADY HAS TWO OTHER CHILDREN.She’s said to have told a potential buyer that she wanted to use the money for a down payment on a home. She also reportedly told a buyer “Don’t say ‘to sell’, it sounds rude… you can judge me but I cannot [cope].”The investigation is ongoing.