“Mother attacks her own child: with the help of her boyfriend”

by San Eli News
“Mother attacks her own child: with the help of her boyfriend”

A 7-year-old kid in California is on his deathbed after a cruel attack, claimed to be by his own mother and stepfather.

The reports state that police came into the apartment in Oakdale Road, at the Live Oak Apartments in Modesto on Sunday, to witness his mother and her boyfriend treating the toddler who had serious wounds all over. According to them, the mother, identified as Jovonna Cruz, 35, placed the initial 911 emergency call.

It’s stated the child had several injuries on almost every part of his body, Police busted Cruz and her boyfriend, Eyvar Rivera, 41, on having doubts on both of them. The usage of weapons or any other sharp objects is not reported yet.

They didn’t officially sign in but they don’t think he’s going live” the 7-year-old’s aunt, Brandy Blackwell, told the press.

Blackwell said she contacted the social services in March, after her sister, who had only recently won the case of custody of the boy around after the divorce a year ago, consciously said she would never allow him to experience a family if they didn’t stop trying to poke their noses in her businesses.

“My mom was his guardian from the day he was given birth until a year ago when my sister left my mom’s house”  “My mom tried to get my sister to make her as the guardian of her grandson but my sister obtained and blackmailed that if she took her to court she would never see anyone one of the offsprings in her life.”

Blackwell also said that the boy’s biological father is in Texas and that medics are keeping the child on life support, but he’s not expected to continue breathing till Friday when his father will visit him for the last time.

“The doctors say his body is too fragile at this age to fight and he went too long without oxygen and now his brain is numb”

Meanwhile, both the mother and her boyfriend, (suspects) were given bail of $150,000 each. Cruz still remains in the station but Rivera has been bailed out.