Months After Losing 2 Sons in Car Accident, Mom Learns She’s Pregnant With Twins. Says Son Picked Them Out

Months before South Dakota mom Trisha Curry gave birth to twin girls, she and three of her oldest children were in a car accident.

Curry told Inside Edition that she, her 3-year-old daughter Avalon, her 9-year-old son Camden, and her 18-month-old son Maxwell were driving down a road in Fargo, North Dakota after visiting their grandmother when Curry’s car collided with a truck.

Inside Edition

The mom told Inside Edition:

“I just remember screaming the whole time, asking people to save the kids. It wasn’t your typical car crash scene where you think you hear screaming and everything because there was no screaming. There was no crying, except for me.”

Although both Curry and Avalon sustain injuries, they survived the accident. Sadly, her two sons did not.

Curry went into a fog after losing her two boys:

“I mean I knew what happened. It’s just a fog like I barely remember that time at all. I remember coming home and seeing the kids’ stuff. Like my son’s book was still flipped over from where he was last reading it and just seeing all their stuff and them not being there. That’s when it hit more so.”

Three months following Camden and Maxwell’s passings, Curry was surprised to learn that she was pregnant with twin girls.

The mom still can’t believe “it was twins” and took it as a sign from God that the baby girls she eventually welcomed into the world were handpicked by their brothers in heaven.

Inside Edition

However, Curry admitted that she “became even more angry after a while”:

“I thoughtWhy am I having two more kids?’ I want my boys back.”

Nonetheless, as time went on, Curry eventually started to get excited about welcoming two new babies into the world.

She credits her change of heart to her daughter, Avalon.

the twins’ births, Curry named her daughters after her late sons. One is named Isla Camden and Eloise Maxwell:

“I mean their not a replacement. Nobody will ever replace them. There’s just not a replacement for children. I’ve been telling people that grief is just a lot of love with nowhere to go, and it really is the more you love someone, the more grief you have.”

Curry continued to say that following her sons’ passing, she “had all this love to five and nowhere to put it,” but now, since the birth of Isla and Eloise. she has her three girls to love on now.

Watch the mom’s full interview with Inside Edition below: