‘Mommy Blogger’ Arrested After Being Accused of Shaking Boyfriend’s Daughter ‘Almost to Death’

A “mommy blogger” from Buffalo, New York, has been arrested as a prime suspect in a child abuse case.

According to the Erie County Sheriff’s press release, the toddler, Raelynn Rose Fuller, passed out and had difficulty breathing after someone assaulted the child.

The little girl was taken to John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital after losing consciousness and sustaining serious injuries that eventually led to the child’s death.

Raelynn’s father Cody Fuller was reportedly told by doctors that his 2-year-old daughter was shaken “almost to death,” reports WKBW.

Fuller said his girlfriend Brianna Valenti, 26, had been caring for the girl at the time of the incident, along with her own 5-year-old daughter.

Valenti reportedly called 911 on September 10 after the child was unresponsive in their upstate New York home. Captain Greg Savage told WIBV4  the woman informed dispatchers that:

“‘She had an unresponsive baby suffering from a possible allergic reaction.’”

Captain Savage said:

“What exactly did she do or not do, what exactly are the baby’s injuries and what was her intent [are under investigation] we believe she was assaulted.”

“We were notified by the hospital that it appeared there may have been some type of injuries inflicted on the child and that’s when detectives went over there and that’s when the investigation began.”

The toddler died over the weekend as a result of her injuries. Police said in the press release:

CPS suspected she was a victim of child abuse.

Valenti faces numerous charges including reckless assault of a child and endangering the welfare of a child.

The mother writes for Weird Wicked Wild blog as a head parenting blogger.

According to her page description, she’s a mother of two. She wrote:

Whether you just need advice, or a laugh, or even someone who understands what you’re going through!

Valenti is still being held at the Erie County Holding Center on $150,000 bail.

Police did not indicate if the 26-year-old would face more charges following the death of Raelynn.