Mom With 8-Year-Old Son Attacked After He Asks About Other Boy’s Costume. Fellow Passengers Save Her

by San Eli News

New York mom Margaret Nielson’s 8-year-old son dresses up in different costumes just about every day because he loves superheroes.

So when he spotted another boy wearing a costume on the subway, he excitedly asked his mother about it, she told NBC 4 New York:

“… [H]e looked over and he saw a little boy about six wearing a bumblebee costume. To see somebody his age wearing stuff that he wears, and especially out on the train… he thought that was the coolest thing.”

Nielson said her 8-year-old liked the child’s bumblebee costume, but two women with the other boy took it a different way.

The mother was verbally confronted by one of the women, who thought Nielson’s boy was making fun of the other child. She said:

“She got up, and she was screaming at me, screaming at me. She started cursing at me, telling me to tell my kid to show some respect, and have some respect.

I was likeHe wasn’t speaking to you, he was speaking to me. And it was an innocent comment from an 8-year-old kid.’”

Soon, the woman smacked her across the face, causing bystanders to gasp. She told NBC 4 New York:

“There were about one hundred people on the train, and [she] smacked me so hard that my feet lifted off the floor.”

Nielson was also hit in the face with a cellphone, which caused a large bruise on her forehead. The other woman then grabbed her from behind and put her in a chokehold.

The mother said she immediately moved to block her son because her husband was killed in Queens when he was attacked 11 years ago:

“I was protecting my kid.”

Thankfully, passengers quickly stepped in to help the mother. She said they pulled the women off her and formed a human chain to protect her.

The women escaped off the train and have not been found by police.

But the mom said she’s just grateful that others on the train helped her when she needed it. Nielson said:

“To the strangers who helped… I want to say thank you for helping me when I needed it, because not a lot of people would do that.”

Watch the video below: