Mom Whose Baby Was Killed in a Car Accident on the Way to Deliver Him Speaks Out

by San Eli News

The mom and dad whose unborn child was killed on their way to the hospital to deliver him are still recovering.

As KLTV reports, on February 19, Jessica and Justin Mitchell were on their way to the hospital to meet their first child, a baby boy.

The young couple, who were high school sweethearts, have been together since the ninth grade and were “over-the-moon excited” to be a family of three.

Sadly, tragedy struck the growing family when Jessica, 20, and Justin, 23, were in a car accident on their way to Sulphur Springs hospital in Texas where Jessica was to be induced.

According to KLTV, Justin lost control of the vehicle when he attempted to avoid a branch that was laying in the middle of the road.

Jessica and Justin were discovered in a ditch roughly an hour after the accident occurred before help came along.

Their unborn baby boy didn’t survive the accident. However, the couple was able to see their baby boy and spend some time with him following the C-section Jessica endured “to assess [her] injuries.”

Jessica shared photos of her baby boy to Facebook:

Posted by Jessica Allen Mitchell on Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Jessica’s mom, Brenda Mize, told KLTV:

“He looked like his mom and had his daddy’s nose; we did get to hold him for a little while and spend time with him.”

They named him Sebastian.

Jessica suffered a broken neck, among other injuries, while Justin sustained a “broken pelvis … a broke back, lower back.”

Jessica and Justin are still recovering from their injuries in rehab, but both of them have been able to return home. Jessica wrote on her Facebook page on February 25:

Thank y’all again for the continued prayers! Today they were able to get Justin into a recliner and wheeled him into my room to see me for a few minutes today ( this being the first time in 6 days we have gotten to see each other in person!) they also are looking into having us discharged from the hospital on the 27th but we will be having to spend at least a week in rehab. Also Justin’s friend Nolan and his parents when to the wreck site and were walking it when they found Justin’s wedding ring that had fallen off during the wreck!! God continues to watch over us and show us he has us in his hand everyday! Thank you again for the prayers and support!

Her most recent update continued to ask for others prayers:

For all of y’all asking for an update, I will continue to be in rehab till the 14th. I went to the doctor today and got all my stitches removed, I also received news that I can bare weight in my left leg now. The sad news I received today was that my elbow has not gotten better and they are having me come in on the 13th to decide on a date for surgery on the ligaments in my elbow. Justin is doing great so far but we still need prayers to heal emotionally and physically. Thank y’all for your prayers.

Because the young couple does not have insurance, a GoFundMe account has been created to help them pay for medical expenses, as CafeMom reports.

It’s clear that the couple is putting their faith in God during this difficult time. Jessica shared a saying on Facebook that read, “Just when you think there is no hope, God reaches down and saysTake my hand and let me lead the way, be still and know I am God. We can do this together.’”