Mom Triggers School Lockdown by Calling Police on Son. They Say She Prevented a ‘Lot of Lost Lives’

On Thursday morning, Indiana 14-year-old Brandon Clegg headed to a middle school close to his home armed with a gun.

But his mother, Mary York, acted quickly.

She contacted police to warn them of “imminent danger” and that her son was on his way to likely commit a shooting at Dennis Intermediate School in Richmond, according to WTHR.

Now, authorities say she “likely prevented a lot of lost lives.”

Clegg arrived at the school around 8 a.m. and was immediately confronted by police.

He couldn’t get inside because the school went into lockdown after his mother’s call. That’s when he shot a glass door in an effort to evade officers.

There was a shootout between Clegg and police, but the teen soon turned the gun on himself — taking his own life, ABC News reports.

Thankfully, no children in the school were hurt.

And on Sunday, the town held a vigil for the fallen, would-be shooter’s family.

Their reason? To help the mother that helped save so many children. Event organizer Shawn Wright told WTHR:

“She’s a human. She’s a mother. She lost her child. We wanted to bring her to let her know that she is supported too because at the end of the day she did a lot. She saved a lot of lives.”

York appeared emotional at the vigil, often shedding tears.

Police said the mother’s brave actions allowed “the school was able to follow procedure to help protect students.”

The family said they were shocked by the 14-year-old’s actions. They knew he was bullied at school, but said that was no excuse.

His cousin, Thomas York, said:

“It destroys me to think that a kid would have to go and show his anger at a school and that he would go as far as shooting at people or towards people and had that hate in his head that no one cared for him or no one was there for him. It sucks.”

Students will return to the middle school on Tuesday.

Watch the video below: