Mom-to-be-tied up and deliberately burned alive by baby’s married father and his pregnant wife

A 24-year-old woman is dead after several suspects allegedly tied her up inside a vehicle and set it on fire. Newsweek reports that Ellen Priscilla Ferreira da Silva was found deceased inside her mother’s car on 17th October, in a rural area of Sao Paulo, Brazil.  According to police, da Silva was four months pregnant. Another victim inside her car, identified as Ely Carlos dos Santos, 39, was also pronounced dead.

Authorities said that the victims were likely alive when the car blew up. The case is being treated as a homicide. The officer in charge of the investigation, Paulo de Tarso, said that da Silva’s married boyfriend and his wife, who is also pregnant, are suspects.

Police eventually arrested the boyfriend and his wife, along with two other men. Officials haven’t released their names yet. The child’s father initially told authorities that he was also attacked, but pretended to faint to avoid being burned in the car. He later confessed that he invented the story and gave himself the wounds, allegedly while under the influence of drugs.

Drugs and revenge may have been part of the motive, according to authorities.

De Tarso said, “Ellen and Ely Carlos were possibly indebted to a drug dealer who was also arrested. Another point is the Ellen refused to abort the child conceived n the extramarital relationship.”

Two of the suspects eventually confessed to the crime. One of the suspects admitted to pouring gasoline on the victim’s car. The investigation is ongoing.