Mom Strolling With Her Baby Stabbed 7 Times by Schizophrenic Man

by San Eli News

A schizophrenic man who has been released in prison a few days had attacked a random person in Streatham Hill. The man had a record of attacking women in the past. The victim was with her child when the attack occurred.
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Matěj Baťha
The Schizophrenic Man and His Victim
The victim of the schizophrenic man was a mother named Josephine Conlon, 36 years old.Mark Brazant, the schizophrenic man, was freed from prison a few days before the attack.
He was previously imprisoned for three cases of battery and a case of assault on women.Camera footage was available that showed the horrifying moment when he attacked the victim. The video showed Brazant had crossed paths with Conlon in Streatham Hill before the random attack occurred.
The attacker was reported to have followed Conlon while she walks home after meeting with some friends. Conlon was with her daughter during that time. On her way home, Brazant attacked her with a kitchen knife.
Conlon attained seven stabs on the face and neck. Despite the fatal incident, Conlon was able to survive it. The victim was lucky that Brazant missed hitting her jugular vein, or she could’ve possibly bleed to death.

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Photo: Daily Record
Brazant’s Fate
Bazant admitted the crime. He was given a sentence of life imprisonment. It was reported that Brazant had a criminal history of victimizing women.
According to Judge Angela Rafferty, Brazant’s actions were unpredictable. The judge also added that Brazant’s mental illness does not relieve him of his criminal acts. He was reported to have failed to comply with the requirements of medical services.
In addition to that, it was stated by the judge that the attacker did not take any medication during the time of his attack on Conlon. The judge also praised Conlon for her bravery and survival during the attack.
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