Mom Strangles Daughter, 5, With Pajamas Then Claims She Hanged Herself

A five-year-old girl met her doom at the hands of her own mother after she strangled her with pajama pants. The daughter died from the incident, but instead of coming clean, the suspect lied and tried to cover up the crime.
When the victim was brought to a nearby hospital, the five-year-old was declared dead-on-arrival.
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Kelsie Thomas is the mother of Cloe Chandler, the girl who was strangled to death in their family residence. The two lived in Iowa.
At first, Thomas told the authorities that Chandler killed herself by accident. According to Thomas, Chandler was using pajama pants to make a makeshift swing when she accidentally got hurt and got twisted in it.
She initially told the authorities that her child hanged herself with her pajama pants.

However, through thorough and long-time questioning, the investigators of the case were able to make Thomas confess to her crimes. In the end, she admitted that she was the one who strangled her five-year-old daughter to death using pajama pants.
The medical records of the strangled daughter revealed that she died from ligature strangulation.
Photo: Facebook
The strangled daughter was Thomas’s child from her ex. According to an article, Thomas had confessed that she disliked her daughter because she was her child with her former partner. It was reported that Thomas’ ex had physically hurt her many times while they were together.
Some of her relatives said that Thomas has been ignoring Chandler when she and her new partner had a baby.
The pieces of evidence gathered suggested that the death of Chandler was due to homicide.

In the defense of Thomas, she claims that the intense questioning had made her admit to a crime she did not commit. Both parties to the case were given until November 3 to surrender their closing arguments before a final decision is made by the court.
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