Mom pleads guilty in death of daughter, 5, by methane poisoning

27-year-old Stephanie Alvarado from Rifle, California, pleads guilty for the murder of her daughter, reported The U.S. Sun. Her 5-year-old daughter died after drinking from Alvarado’s bong which had water infused with crystal meth in it.

The mother could get up to a 48-year-old prison term for allowing her daughter, Sophia Larson, to drink the meth water from the bong a year ago.

The night of 10 December 2019, the mother was indulging in meth via bong hits with two of her cousins when they were actually supposed to be caring for the young child.

Little Sophia got up in the middle of the night and felt thirsty. Looking for some water, she came across and tragically drank the bong water that had been left around by her drug dosed mother. The situation was compounded by the fact that the mother and her cousins did not call for medical help after the child drank the meth infused water from the bong. Instead, they opted to pray and read from the Bible, going the route of Christian Science.

The mother was allegedly worried that she would lose the shared-custody arrangement she had with Sophia’s father if she called 911 and revealed the disastrous event. She waited hours to take her to the emergency room.

As reported by True Crime Daily, Sophia passed away the following day.

The mother will be sentenced on 29 January. Her cousins, Daniel Alvarado and Bertha Ceballos-Roma have been charged in the death as well.

Police swept the grounds and found small plastic bags filled with white powder, pipes and bongs throughout the apartment.

The grieving father, 24-year-old Alec Larson, said, “I don’t know how to explain the amount I miss her, you know. It’s not something that I really have words for.” He attended the hearing where the accused pleaded guilty. Alvarado herself appeared remotely from the Garfield County Jail.

He added, “She killed my daughter. I don’t see it any other way.”