Mom Is Caught Injecting Laxatives Into Baby’s Feeding Tube. She Had Searched How to ‘Overdose’ Him

In July, Minnesota mom Megan Lee Kafer’s infant son was admitted to the hospital because he appeared emaciated.

According to Fox News, doctors were “inexplicably” unable to help the baby boy gain weight and suspected there may have been foul play.

The hospital installed a security camera and captured something horrifying. Footage showed Kafer injecting an unknown substance into her baby’s feeding tube.

Kafer told police that she was only injecting water into the feeding tube, but testing later confirmed that it was actually a laxative, the Twin Cities Pioneer Press reports.

And internet searches discovered on the mom’s phone soon revealed her disturbing intentions.

According to a criminal complaint, the mom searched terms including, “salt baby death,” “how to make a baby really sick,” “MiraLax overdose,” and “Can a doctor tell if you overdose on MiraLax.”

Authorities found the laxative MiraLax located inside of her purse.

Police believe she purposely kept her child sickly “as a weapon to inflict harm on him.”

Last week, Kafer was charged with felony-level child endangerment. She’s also had her parental rights terminated, according to a criminal complaint.

However, her husband is standing by her. Jacob Kafer told the Twin Cities Pioneer Press that they are “trying to get the family back together in a way that is safe and healthy for everyone.”

He doesn’t believe that his wife has Munchausen-by-proxy syndrome, a mental illness that causes someone to feign symptoms of illness in another person.

The husband said:

“I am not saying there wasn’t an issue, there definitely was … I just don’t think it’s (Munchausen-by-proxy syndrome). My wife was definitely not in a proper mental state, but to the extreme that they make it out to be and have laid out in the complaint, its not quite like that.”

Thankfully, the dad said their son is “doing well” now.