Mom Horrified To Find ‘Sex Toy Checklist’ In Daughter’s ‘Frozen 2’ Diary

A mom who bought her young daughter a Frozen 2 diary was shocked to discover the book included a “sex toy checklist” inserted into the otherwise child-friendly book. Toni Alamos, from Queensland in Australia, bought the book at her local Kmart but never expected to find the explicit content inside.

1. THE BOOK DIDN’T LOOK AS IF IT HAD BEEN TAMPERED WITH. If it had, chances are Toni wouldn’t have bought it in the first place. However, the fact that it looked brand new and untouched, as you would expect from something you buy off store shelves, made it even more horrifying when she did notice the explicit pages.

2. THERE WASN’T JUST A SEX TOY CHECKLIST. It was bad enough that a page had been inserted in the Frozen 2 diary that mentioned butt plugs, dildos, and vibrators, among other items. However, the sexual content wasn’t just confined to a single page.

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4. THERE WAS A CHECKLIST FOR POSITIONS TOO!Another page listed sex positions such as cowgirl, 69, and doggy style along with checkboxes, presumably to be ticked when one was completed. This clearly wasn’t a book for kids!

5. THANKFULLY, TONI’S DAUGHTER DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE. Toni’s daughter is old enough to be able to read, but since she’s not familiar with any of the explicit words included on the list, she didn’t think twice and Toni was able to remove the offending pages.

6. SHE SHARED THE BOOK ON FACEBOOK TO WARN OTHER PARENTS. Taking to Facebook, Toni uploaded a video of the book to her account to warn other Kmart shoppers. And while the store apologized and offered her a full refund, she declined and decided to hold onto the book as a memento. “You just don’t check that sort of stuff,” she told Daily Mail Australia. “If it was in a diary in the adults’ section in Kmart I would have understood but not in a kid’s book come on… [Kmart staff] did try and replace it but I just said I would keep it just for the laughs.”