Mom Drives to Hospital With Arrow in Her Face After Protecting Her Teen Son From Crossbow

Warning: This article contains graphic images that may disturb some readers.

An Arkansas mom took an arrow to the face last week in order to save her teen son’s life.

Janet Partain told WREG that she went to the home of Joseph Avellino, 34, to confront him over a toolbox he allegedly stole from her family.

The mom brought along her 14-year-old son and 15-year-old nephews and tensions escalated quickly.

Partain said Avellino pulled out a crossbow and said he was going to “shoot ya’ll.” She recalled pushing her son out of the way when he fired an arrow:

“(He) was pointing the arrow at them and he fired a shot at one of them, and I pushed them out the way and I got hit. I think I was in shock because once I got hit I saidI can’t believe you almost shot that kid.’”

She stayed conscious, despite getting hit in the face with an arrow, and immediately went to get medical help.

Janet Partain/Facebook

Partain drove herself to the hospital with the arrow still lodged in her head. Capt. Jeff Nichols with the Cross County Sheriff’s Office told WREG:

“It was an odd sight to see someone with an arrow in their face and they’re still conscious and talking to me.”

The mom had the arrow removed and is working to recover, she said:

“I’m just glad the baby didn’t get shot.”

Avellino was charged with first-degree battery and three counts of endangering the welfare of a minor, but he denies shooting the mom.

Cross County Sheriff’s Office

He later claimed his girlfriend, Becca, shot the mom with the crossbow after she showed up to his home with a weapon and other family members.

Avellino told WREG:

“I saidGrab your bow and shoot her with it.’ She saidIt’s eight or nine of them with guns out here.”

He added:

“That’s when I jumped out the shower butt naked, and I opened the door. Once I opened the door she had pulled a gun, and Becca shot and got her.”

The 34-year-old said he wouldn’t put Partain’s children in danger because he has kids himself. He said:

“It’s bothering me, because I do care what people think.”

Watch the video below: